HOWTO: get familar with the Samba source code

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Sep 28 23:22:39 GMT 2000

Christopher R. Hertel writes:

> > Hmmm, in what ways is NetMon better than Ethereal? I want to make Ethereal
> > the best available :-)
> At the last CIFS conference there was some discussion of promoting the
> idea of using Samba IDL as an input into Ethereal.  That would provide a
> means for adding new packet descriptions, etc.
> Did that go anywhere?

I've made some progress with some hand-written IDLs.  Apart from
being bogged down with other stuff, I'm currently lacking a
proper IDL parsing system.

I did get as far as automatically generating ethereal code to
parse LSA open policy, close policy and query info policy RPC


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