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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Sep 28 18:38:14 GMT 2000

greg wrote:
> For future NT Domain releases (3.0 or whatever) you 
> should really support nt administrative tools 
> (event viewer, server manager, user mananger etc...
> Hopefully you can get it to work with nexus also.

Greg,  Thanks for the suggestions.  We will keep those 
in mind.  Just curious, but what would you want to
use the Event Viewer to see?  Syslog files?  Samba 
logs?  EventViewer is a horrible logfile viewer IMO
and the return benefit for implementing the server side
RPCs necessary would not be a big payoff.

Server Manager?  User Manager?  Both of these qill require
possible editing of /etc/passwd (let's please not bring up 
the machine accounts in /etc/passwd again ok?  At least 
not for right now).  I'm not sure this is a good idea.
Modification of existing accounts might be ok.  Addition 
and deletion is another matter though (with more far reaching

> Another suggestion: Possibly make a samba program 
> to logout windows user after a certain amount of 
> time.. I once saw this winnt program/win98
> program that would log a user out like saying " 
> You have 5 minutes left before you are logged out 
> of the system."

Does WinNT do this using valid logon times?  Or are 
you asking for something that enforces policies like
you can stay logged on for 60 minutes at a time?
This could entirely be done in client side functionality
using the userinit reigstry key to specify the user's 

> Samba is a great project keep going ;-))


Cheers, jerry

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