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Jim Morris Jim at Morris.net
Thu Sep 28 21:17:01 GMT 2000

Hello greg,

Thursday, September 28, 2000, 6:04:52 PM, you wrote:

g> Thanks!  Maybe you can help just a bit more?  Is it possible to use User 
g> Manager (nexus's window 98 stuff) to administer the LDAP part of 
g> samba?  Also, I have ldap source code... but how would I set it up to work 
g> with samba tng 2.6 ?   Can I store all my samba users & machines etc... in 
g> this LDAP server , also can I access it from a windows computer ?

Unfortunately, I know of no tool to (free anyway) to let you do this
from Windows.  I'm not familiar with "nexus's" User Manager. Can you
clue me in on that that is?

As far as LDAP source code - you would use that to write code to talk
to an LDAP server.  Samba TNG is *not* an LDAP server, but is instead
an LDAP client.  You need a separate LDAP directory server, such as

To answer your last question, yes - you can store all the Samba user
and machine trust accounts in the LDAP directory.

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