Odp: RE: Win2000Pro resources sought

Eric Pilger pilger at kahana.higp.hawaii.edu
Thu Sep 28 18:37:03 GMT 2000

Once all the bugs are ironed out, Win 2000 will be the only thing I use.
I have kept away from NT until now because it lacked so many of the
useful features that 98 had. However, now that it seems to combine all
the user accessibility of 98 with the stability of a real OS, why would
anybody use any other Microsoft OS? (That is, if you can't avoid
Microsoft altogether :-)

I need all the info about Win 2K/Samba that I can get. Though I will
admit that the basics seem to work just fine out of the box. It's the PDC
stuff that will really shine for me.

Rafa³ Szcze¶niak wrote:

> To be honest, I don't know how many of us connect win2k to
> Samba server, and how many winnt ?
> Rafa³

Eric J. Pilger

Systems Administrator

Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology/SOEST

pilger at pgd.hawaii.edu


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