this discussion reminds me... (Was: Re: TNG-stable)

Cole, Timothy D. timothy_d_cole at
Thu Sep 28 16:22:11 GMT 2000

	I have this odd recurring dream that we're all at a cocktail party,
and the building is burning down.  Luke is madly tying the tablecloths
together to make a rope to lower out the window, while Jeremy is running up
and down the hall looking for a telescoping aluminum ladder.

	A couple minutes later, Jeremy runs back into the room, announcing
that he's found out there's a ladder in the custodial closet down the hall,
and asks if anyone has the keys.

	Luke tells him to forget about it, he's nearly done with the
tablecloths, but Jeremy insists that the keys are around here somewhere, and
points out that the tablecloths are too short to reach the ground (we're
three stories up).

	Luke insisted that he saw a ladder out on the grounds (near the
maintainence shed) when he drove up, and that a five-foot drop wasn't so bad
anyway.  Jeremy insisted that they already had a ladder here, the tablecloth
probably wouldn't be strong enough (Luke protested that we wouldn't know
until we tried), they just needed to find the bloody keys, and why couldn't
Luke help with that (apparently someone in the room was supposed to have the

	Luke and Jeremy started screaming at each other; the room erupted
into a huge argument.  Luke finally threw down the tablecloths in disgust
and jumped out the window.

	We never did find out if anyone had the keys, because the cheese
wheel (now on the floor) came to life and started singing Barry Manilow

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