HOWTO: get familar with the Samba source code

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Sep 28 06:29:52 GMT 2000

Richard Sharpe writes:

> At 11:51 PM 9/27/00 -0500, Gerald Carter wrote:
> >  o get a copy of MS network monitor (legally).  Even the 
> >        one with the NT server is ok.  We can convert 
> >	tcpdump format to CAP format).  This is the best
> >        network sniffer for decoding SMB/MS-RPC.
> >        Ethereal ( has some code for
> >        parsing SMB/NetBIOS and I think Andrew and Tim
> >        are adding some MS-RPC support in it.
> Hmmm, in what ways is NetMon better than Ethereal? I want to make Ethereal
> the best available :-)
> The version of NetMon I have does not do MSRPC ... Which version does?

The netmon that comes with NT4 decodes some parts of some pipes -
the \lsarpc pipe seems to be the most fully implemented one.

Luke managed to obtain a copy of netmon that decodes a bit more
but it is still far from complete.


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