How should I get the W2k support in a production environment?

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Sep 28 03:13:42 GMT 2000

Markus Reimer wrote:
> Should I try to port samba-tng to aix (wich now 
> doesn't compile) and use it in a 
> production environment?

No.  Help get the necessary code in the HEAD 

> Should I try to port part's of samba-tng into samba-head?

Yes.  See above.

> Should I convert the userdatabase to ldap using 
> NDS and have W2k servers as PDC/BDC/ActiveDirectory 
> servers?

NDS is very expenseive (at least the quotes for Solaris

> Should I use NT4 servers as PDC/BDC's accessing 
> the NIS database using some sort of NIS client?

Not aware of any versions of this.  Not for adding
an LSA at least.  Do you know of one.

> The timeframe for this is that I will have to 
> implement the correct solution during october...

Eww...ummm...porting the code to HEAD would be 
my choice.  But then that's pretty obvious.

Cheers, jerry
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