Reusing SID

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There is three things which identifies a machine in an WinNT Domain:

        - Machine Name
        - Machine SID
        - Password

The last one makes it IMPOSSIBLE to do what you want to, i.e. if you 
managed to give your samba-workstation the password,
so that it could log in, the NT machine would eventually change it so that 
it could no longer log in. Or vice verce.

The easiest way to go about this is naming the machine / OS:


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09/26/2000 12:12 PM

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I have a machine with dual boot:
- WinNT 4, SP 6
- FreeBSD 4.1, SAMBA 2.0.7

My NT installation works on a WinNT domain "DOMAIN", with the name
"NAME" and some shared resources (files and printer).

I´d like to use the same identification on the FreeBSD boot, so i don't
need to change configurations on the others that access this machine.

I saw a lot of documentation about adding a SAMBA machine on a NT
but I need reuse the SID of my NT installation... I got the NT SID on
registry and put it on MACHINE.SID, but it didn´t work...

Thanks in advance

Fabiano Martins
fmartins at

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