Reusing SID

Fabiano Martins fmartins at
Tue Sep 26 17:42:58 GMT 2000

I have a machine with dual boot:
- WinNT 4, SP 6
- FreeBSD 4.1, SAMBA 2.0.7

My NT installation works on a WinNT domain "DOMAIN", with the name
"NAME" and some shared resources (files and printer).

I´d like to use the same identification on the FreeBSD boot, so i don't
need to change configurations on the others that access this machine.

I saw a lot of documentation about adding a SAMBA machine on a NT
but I need reuse the SID of my NT installation... I got the NT SID on
registry and put it on MACHINE.SID, but it didn´t work...

Thanks in advance

Fabiano Martins
fmartins at

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