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Wed Sep 27 19:28:29 GMT 2000

[jf asked to stop this thread...
But I simply have to write something]

Hi J.F. !

On Wed, Sep 27, 2000 at 01:17:17PM +0200, Jean Francois Micouleau wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> > the samba code is complex, and it takes time to encourage people to get
> > involved, up-to-speed, to identify possibly psychologically intimidating
> > barriers with a project of this size etc.
> I disagree Luke, the code is not so complex. It's even clearer and
> clearer. I've been involved in project where the code is much more complex
> to understand.

When I started to work on samba, it was quite confusing.

I used the standard techniques in this case...

- use grep to navigate around,
- ignore everything, that is not _closely_ related to the
  current problem

And there's still a lot of code, that isn't clear enough.
And I still have to use grep to navigate the source.

In TNG I've always tried to make some stuff clearer... One
of the easy things is to make functions, that are not used
in another modules static. Another is using const.
But of course, there are other things to make code clearer.

> > you, matty, elrond and sander are some of the successes i have had, with
> > some needing less encouragement and more opportunity: i think you and
> > matty just _got_ it, from the word go :)
> > 
> > one of the goals of the daemon architecture is [was] to reduce the
> > perceived size of the entire project into smaller, self-contained

The split wasn't realy, what made me "join the
TNG-project". The overall size wasn't also, what stopped me
earlier. I didn't start coding earlier, because "it worked
for me", and I didn't have much interest in SMB.

Size isn't anything, that stops me... I've debugged gimp...

Okay... size is sometimes a problem. I wont compile
mozilla, because I don't have a fitting box. But _if_ I get
such a box and a reason to debug it, I would.

> > sub-projects that other people could be encouraged to develop, enjoy and
> > maintain with pride [hey, look, i wrote my own samrd and it's really
> > beefily cool and integrates with...]

Yep. On the other hand, I felt (when TNG lived) a little
responsible for lsarpcd.

> 	J.F.


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