I will pay for getting SAMBA going

Aaron D. Brooks abrooks at css.tayloru.edu
Wed Sep 27 17:32:48 GMT 2000

On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Diran Afarian wrote:

> I will pay if someone can get samba going where I can see our 
> (Linux/Apache) Cobalt server's Hard Drive and access it from our NT on the 
> same network. Now I can see the hard Drive in my NetworkNeighborhood but I 
> cannot log in.
> If anyone can help me get that going I will gladly pay for the service.
> Thank you,
> Diran Afarian
> (626)796-3100

If you have trouble finding someone to work on this or need to coordinate
a larger project from this, I would recommend submitting a request on
http://www.cosource.com or http://www.sourcexchange.com . I believe that
there are other OpenSource projects-for-hire sites like these out there. I
just can't think of them at the moment. These are the largest of this type
of site. SourceXchange seems to be targeted to larger, longer term,
coporate projects. CoSource projects are closer, IMO, to what you are
looking for.


P.S. http://www.osdn.com may also be of interest.

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