My NT Account gets locked out. Please Help

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Wed Sep 27 16:01:56 GMT 2000

Am 27 Sep 2000, um 10:28 Uhr schrieb Roy Marshall zum Thema My NT Account gets locked out. Please Help:
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> A very quick question.  I have mounted my unix drive to an NT workstation
> using security = server. All works 100% except for the fact that i get
> locked out of my NT account occassionally. Is it Samba or NT. Can anyone
> help me.

We had the same problem and it was caused by samba trying the user-password
in different manners (password, Password, PASSWORD, etc.) Since the PDC
refused the first three attempts and our policy is to lock any account after
three bad logon-attempts, accounts were locked sometimes.

I can't remember exactly how we solved the problem but the shade of a
"password level" parameter in smb.conf is in my mind.

Hope this helps,


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