How should I get the W2k support in a production environment?

Markus Reimer markus at
Wed Sep 27 15:08:13 GMT 2000


I hope I don't fuel any unproductive discussions right now, but I have the
following problem that I would like to discuss with you...

I have a setup with a samba 2.0.7 as PDC and fileservers on separate
machines (or really HACMP clusters on AIX)
The client's are Windows NT4.0 Terminals Server Edition.

In my environment I have both unix and NT client's.

The users are primarily managed in a SQL table from wich I generate both NIS
and smbpasswd files.
The profile is stored in the users homedir (~/.nt) which is mounted on the
The users homedirs are exported 50/50 from the both file-servers using the
following scheme:
(Every users home-dir is in a sub-dir named by the last digit in their
user-id for load-balancing purposes, eg. user 1001 and 1011 homedir's is in
/nethome/1/ and 1002 & 1012 is in /nethome/2/ etc.)
user-id's ending on even numbers:
and user-id's ending on odd numbers:
These are mounted as:
m: \\samba0\nethome0\
n: \\samba1\nethome1\
And the logonscript subst h: to the right path using the following string:
FOR /D %i IN (m:\fs*,n:\fs*) DO FOR %a IN (%i\m\%username%) DO IF EXIST %a
subst h: %a

On the unix-system's the homedrives are NFS-mounted and mapped using the
usual NIS features...

This all works great and I can make lots of features on this setup that I
cant make with a regular NT setup...

My main problem is now that I have to implement windows 2000 servers in this
Should I try to port samba-tng to aix (wich now doesn't compile) and use it
in a production environment?
Should I try to port part's of samba-tng into samba-head?
Should I convert the userdatabase to ldap using NDS and have W2k servers as
PDC/BDC/ActiveDirectory servers?
Should I use NT4 servers as PDC/BDC's accessing the NIS database using some
sort of NIS client?
Or are there some completely separate solution for me??

The timeframe for this is that I will have to implement the correct solution
during october...

I think somebody must have had this problem before, and have made some
mistakes that I can avoid :)

Kind Regards
//Markus Reimer
CTO, SoftwareRun AB
markus at
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