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Is there any short developer's documentation of Samba.
This is complex piece of code, so without any main ideas/
architecural concepts/coding standards it's very hard
to read (with understanding) sources.
I know that complete developer's documentation means
couple of months of full-time work. I'm just asking about
general guidelines.


serious interested in helping

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Scott Merrill wrote:
> I'd love to help.  But there seems to be a real lack of 
> definition of exactly how I, a non-programmer, can lend 
> a hand.  The Samba web pages don't indicate any sort 
> of defined project manager, and the samba-docs archives
> I've skimmed don't say much in the way of "We need this,
> specifically, and that, specifically".

If you will corrdinate with me, I'll put you to work :-)
Just tell me what you are interested in...

> *IS* there a defined project manager?  Someone to act 
> as full-time liason between the core developers and 
> the population at large?  Someone to regularly supply 
> updates to the web pages about progress, and current needs?

No. and I will apologize for this.  No excuses.  We all
work in a somewhat isolated workspace.  Jeremy is in charge 
of being the release manage for 2.2.  Andrew in in charge of
HEAD.  We corrdinate together which can make it make to pinpoint
a set of things that need to be outside of our head.

Talk to me (anyone) and we'll get something going.  Coding,
documenting, testing, etc....

> I can't code a lick.  Should I be put off by the 
> ubiquitous "Show me the code or go away?"  Should I 
> really go away?  =)  I'm ready and willing to
> lend a hand.  I just need to know who to approach.

code == documentation == testing feedback == useful input :-)

No, don't go away.  If you are interested in helping, let 
me know.

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