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Wed Sep 27 06:29:17 GMT 2000

I submitted this problem before but haven't received a response.  There
were promises made as to performance of the SAMBA server, and my team is
hard pressed to meet our deadlines.  I really need some help here guys (and
gals).  Please let me know ASAP as I am currently working on our 2
production servers now and can't wait!  THANKS in advance, ADAM PROPECK
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I am running SAMBA 2.0.7 on a Solaris 2.7 Box, and want to continue to have
an NT4 PDC.  I am having difficulty with password sync from NT to the
Solaris side of things.  I would like to have users on Win98/NT
workstations be able to change their passwords on the NT side through
CTRL-ALT-DEL, Change Password, and then get SAMBA and our /etc/passwd to
sync to the new password.  How can I go about doing this?

Adam Propeck
Systems Administrator-Fallon
adam.propeck at

   Below is an edited copy of my conf file.

# Samba config file created using SWAT
# from (
# Date: 2000/09/26 11:59:36

# Global parameters
      workgroup = FM
      netbios name = FMSAMBA
      server string = SAMBA SERVER
      security = DOMAIN
      encrypt passwords = Yes
      update encrypted = Yes
      min password length = 4
      password server = NTPDC            <---- Actual name of PDC is here
      passwd program = /bin/passwd %u
      passwd chat debug = Yes
      username map = /etc/
      unix password sync = Yes
      debug hires timestamp = Yes
      debug pid = Yes
      debug uid = Yes
      logon home =
      os level = 0
      local master = No
      wins server =
      hide files = /Network Trash

      path = /data/fmsamba/

      comment = Home Directory
      path = /data/homes/%u
      writeable = Yes
      browseable = No

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