Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Sep 27 01:09:32 GMT 2000

> As of today, I have read thousand of mails from people asking for
> features. I have received ONLY A SINGLE mail from someone asking what to
> do to help. I have NEVER received a single mail which included some code
> to improve the RPC code of Samba.


i receive about one offer of assistance per... two or three months.

the samba code is complex, and it takes time to encourage people to get
involved, up-to-speed, to identify possibly psychologically intimidating
barriers with a project of this size etc.

you, matty, elrond and sander are some of the successes i have had, with
some needing less encouragement and more opportunity: i think you and
matty just _got_ it, from the word go :)

one of the goals of the daemon architecture is [was] to reduce the
perceived size of the entire project into smaller, self-contained
sub-projects that other people could be encouraged to develop, enjoy and
maintain with pride [hey, look, i wrote my own samrd and it's really
beefily cool and integrates with...]

the direction i have been taking is not necessarily all based on technical
prowess and merit, but in consideration of the future and the scope -
scale - of the project: 320,000 lines, and climbing.

all the best,


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