Problems creating users in TNG

James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp7 at
Wed Sep 27 00:09:01 GMT 2000

As I think you have seen, TNG does not use smbpasswd but samedit instead.  I
have not played with TNG myself but check out these links.  They are the
best source for TNG HOWTO...

see attached html doc. - I can't remember where I got this link from...:)

Hope this helps...

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Subject: Problems creating users in TNG

> New to TNG, new to the list.  I looked in the archive for
> similar problems, but if it has been asked I missed it.
> I built TNG alpha 2.6 on my linux test machine (redhat 6.2)
> without any problem.
> I've been unable to add users using samedit -> createuser.  When I
> turn some debugging on I see:
> SAMR Open Domain...
> ...
> policy(pnum=3): setting name to SAM_DOMAIN
> SAMR create domain user. Name:bob
> Found Policy hnd[3]
> ...
> Create Domain user failed.
> I've been using "Special Edition Using Samba" and the TNG website
> as guides in this.
> I did see an earlier posting about smbpasswd not compiling on
> some machines.  When I looked on mine I found that mine had not
> been built as well - what is up with that?  Is that my problem?
> Anyone able to point me in the right direction?
> Thanks!
> Bob Martel
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