TNG / Development / Helping Out

Scott Merrill smerrill at
Tue Sep 26 18:37:23 GMT 2000

Hello everyone.  I've only recently subscribed to the NTDOM list, and it's
been quite an eye-opening experience to watch the developments of the last
few days.

> Basically, the idea that you seemed to have missed is that this
> is not actually helping anyone. The way to help is to turn off
> your mail client, and start a decent text editor and a copy of
> GCC, learn C and contribute. Or write documentation. Or keep the
> website updated. Or *whatever*. but don't just bitch.

I'd love to help.  But there seems to be a real lack of definition of
exactly how I, a non-programmer, can lend a hand.  The Samba web pages don't
indicate any sort of defined project manager, and the samba-docs archives
I've skimmed don't say much in the way of "We need this, specifically, and
that, specifically".

*IS* there a defined project manager?  Someone to act as full-time liason
between the core developers and the population at large?  Someone to
regularly supply updates to the web pages about progress, and current needs?
Someone to supply information for those people who use the product but don't
have any inclination to help develop it, or even subscribe to the list?

Indeed, the traffic in NT-DOM over the last few days has been pretty high,
with more noise than signal.  If I didn't have need for the functionality of
the TNG branch's functionality in the forseeable future, I'd unsubscribe.
BUGTRAQ and my local LUG mailing list fill my Inbox enough, thank you very

I can't code a lick.  Should I be put off by the ubiquitous "Show me the
code or go away?"  Should I really go away?  =)  I'm ready and willing to
lend a hand.  I just need to know who to approach.


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