This is amazing. . .

John H. Graber jhgraber at
Tue Sep 26 17:58:59 GMT 2000


I'm new to this list.

I'm NOT new to the Internet or Windows NT.

I am new to Samba.

That said, this list reminds me of flame wars I used to see in the
martial-arts newsgroup on Usenet!

I don't care for your opinions on open source, the Samba project
methodology, etc.  What I DO care about is getting information, support,
etc. from other sys admin types out there for what I find to be a fantastic
tool, Samba.

To Thom May: 		Amen, brother.

To the Samba team:	Many, many thanks.

To the bruised egos:	For cryin' out loud, take it OFF-LINE.  PLEASE!  So
Samba has shortcomings. . .  WHO CARES!  They're working on it!  As we all
know, so does Micro$oft for at least the first three releases of any of its
products.  8)

Can we get back to working with what we've got?


P.S.  Thank God I signed up for this list in digest format!  ;)

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