MS "breaking" Samba

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> I'm not a Samba team member, but as I remember Samba needed to upgrade
> from 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 just to serve files to Win2k machines, so 
> your claim
> that you tested Win 2000 against Samba to ensure compatibility as file
> server must be false!

That just proves that the testing wasn't thorough enough to catch
whatever incompatibility was found.
Given the number of dialects of the SMB protocol, the variety of ways in
which clients use it, and so on, the test matrix is quite large, but
still no where near as large as the actual possibilities.

Most of our subtle errors are caught during what we call "dogfood"
testing -- when just about everyone in the whole company, and dozens of
outside comapanies, deploy pre-release versions of the software and use
it in their daily work. We did not do this level of testing against

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