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Tue Sep 26 15:32:35 GMT 2000

On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Karl Denninger wrote:

> With FreeBSD I can get a DAILY update of every change to HEAD.  I can run
> it too, if I dare (and dare is the right word, since it doesn't always even
> build - say much less install)
> If Samba's team provides less, then you ARE NOT an open development
> environment.  If I cannot get the changes you check in 5 minutes after you
> do it (should I poll the CVS server at that point in time) then you're 
> simply not an open project.

Give it a rest.

Different projects have different policies and people.  To uphold FreeBSD
as the epitome of development is naive, and does nothing to help
Samba.  You've made your point already -- dragging this out into a debate
serves no purpose.

> > What gave you the idea that the repository was filtered ?
> You did.  You appeared to state that there were two repositories - one for
> "privileged" people, and one for the rest.
> If that's not what you meant, then I retract the criticism.

Every project has a privileged branch; it's all a matter of time as to
when the keystrokes convert into a distribution.  Even the FreeBSD people
have to use editors and save files locally; I imagine that many may even
work on some functionallity over a long period of time without committing. 

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