MS "breaking" Samba

Simon Allaway simona at
Tue Sep 26 15:00:18 GMT 2000

Simo Sorce wrote:
> ...  as far I remember (am I correct) samba < 2.0.7 will not
> be able to serve file to win2k and 2.0.7 come out after win2k also to
> resolve this problem.
> Am I wrong?

Kind of. 2.0.7 can serve shares to Win2k clients. I am composing this on
a win2k server that relies on this behaviour. 
Win2k however refues to join a 2.0.7 domain.

<my two cents>
I use 2.0.7 each and everyday to run machines in my department here at
the university. It runs my domain beautifully. For code that's not
supposed to be supported I think it's incredible.
</my two cents>


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