Future/end of TNG (was Re: I don't understand something ...)

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Gerald Carter wrote:
> Does anyone ever listen?  We have over and over again
> said that we are working on PDC support.
> jerry

I listened (almost since begin of Samba lists) and I know
that Samba team is working hard on Samba HEAD functionality
(to mention at least about rewritten oplocking code
and nt-printing support). Therefore, I know that Samba,
in general, is not dead and I REALLY appreciate work
of samba team on Samba HEAD.
One thing I wonder, is whether Samba TNG code will be
used to develop PDC code on SambaHEAD ?

Also, another problem makes me (a little) sad. Another bright
mind has quit ... (recently Alan Cox also stopped his
work on Linux kernel) Well, we're not prisoners. Everyone
can do what he/she wants to do. Life goes on ...

Samba HEAD and Samba TNG
user and administrator

PS. Do you know that amount of email posted since yesterday
is probably the highest on this list. I've come to work today
and I've been reading emails for 1.5 hour.
Still haven't finished !

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