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> > The Samba team have been working flat out for some time now, trying
> to
> > add features from Samba TNG to Samba. I don't believe that they
> could
> > possibly put an accurate timeframe on completion, because the set of
> > protocols they are dealing with are known to be undocumented
> > (until Luke
> > documented them) and Microsoft have been pretty keen to change
> little
> > parts of the protocols to break things like Samba.
> We have never added any improvements (or non-improvements) to the
> protocols in order to "break" Samba (or to affect it in any way at
> all).  We tested Win2k against Samba as a file server to make sure
> that it continued to work as a "down-level" server, along with NT4,
> OS/2, Windows 9x, and others. Of course, it (just like NT4) would not
> support the new Windows 2000 features, by which we hope to entice our
> customers to upgrade by providing new value to them.
> Just to be clear: we didn't test Win2k against Samba as a DC; we did
> test against NT4 DCs, however, so if Samba really does emulate all NT4
> DC functionality, it should have been OK.
> Paul

I'm not a Samba team member, but as I remember Samba needed to upgrade
from 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 just to serve files to Win2k machines, so your claim
that you tested Win 2000 against Samba to ensure compatibility as file
server must be false!

DC functionality was not supported so testing against it was obviously
not required, anyway win2k does not function with samba 2.0.x in NT4
compatibility mode(how much compatible is then??)

I hate to see this kind of statements from employee of a company that is
proven to have made unfair practices, I think taht if you care your
personal reputation you should check twice and prove your statements
before speaking.

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