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Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Tue Sep 26 10:40:56 GMT 2000

"William L. Terry" wrote:
> Ok slightly off topic here, but I figured this was the most
> amenable crowd for this problem.
> I am stuck having to integrate a "Windows Me" box into an
> existing Unix network, specifically printing to an LPD
> server.
> In the past this has not been a problem, just add LPD services
> and point the printer at the server or jet direct box.  I can
> not however find this functionality with "Windows Me".  What
> am I missing here?
> Thanks in advance.

I think this is a Samba list for NT Domain related questions.
Samba-ntdom list members are kind and some may also have the response
you earch, but this is not an M$ support center and this question is
totally OT.
Please refer to a more appropriate list.

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