Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Sep 26 08:13:22 GMT 2000

> We've had this argument so many times, with me, with Andrew,
> with JF, with Gerald...... but the common factor is you always
> being on the other side. Please think about what this means
> w.r.t. peer review of your code.
> We don't have insatiably high standards - we just have standards
> full stop. And we can't drop them for anyone - not even you, sorry.

you really don't get it, do you?

i am fully aware of my own limitations - limitations that you use to good
effect to justify telling me, in simplistic [and antagonistic] terms,
where the fuck to get off.

being fully aware of my own limitations, i RELY on the good-will of the
open source community to help me overcome them, with the end-result being
the high quality software, conforming to your _precious_ standards, just
_not by me alone_.

to undermine what i instigate [that many _other_ people then have the good
sense to realise is important, not necessarily up to scratch but it does a
pretty damn good job] just because it does not conform, at once and
immediately, to your precious standards, is FUCKING STUPID.

when are you ever going to get it?????

YES i expect you to drop your fucking stupid standards - not for a
release, but for sufficient time to allow incremental development and work
TOWARDS your standards - one cvs commit at a time.

now stay out of my way before you make me REALLY mad.

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