Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Sep 26 05:08:18 GMT 2000

> code it. No other options are acceptible. And remember it has to be done
> *professionally*. No memory leaks, no buffer overruns, full
> I18N support (no ascii only code please).

i was waiting for a comment like this.

this is one of the reasons why i will not work with samba any more.

the standards are excessively high to be able to do any kind of
incremental development.

open source projects are all about incremental development.

start off small, with something that just about does the job.  continue to
do improvements, and continue to accept improvements.

the expectations of the primary samba developers have gone well beyond the
bounds where it is possible for anyone to help except those people and
their contributions that they consider to be worthy.

i spent three, maybe four years encouraging various people to contribute.
that includes comments on APIs, specifications, documentation, bug
reports, FAQs, and code. i can recall the following who have made various
coding contributions.

steffan lauer.


sander striker.

luke howard.

timothy cole.

danny breiss.

all of these peoples' efforts, through insatiably high standards, have
been rejected.  i did not realise that i represent these people, and i am
sorry that i let you all down.

i actually couldn't care less about any personal problematic attitude
towards my development style, but i do care about samba and the efforts o
the people who have helped with TNG.

i am also seriously concerned about the effect that the current approach
may have on samba's future, and also on the people who take such an


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