Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Sep 26 04:54:12 GMT 2000

> When the public is ignored in its requests for PDC timelines (and it has
> been) then this is what you can expect to see in response.

karl, please remember that open source development is done by people who
want to do it, and have a personal investment of time and effort in it.
they generally own all rights to the code they develop, and develop it for
their own benefit, under their own ethics [usually a highly developed
sense of responsibility].

to request things of open source developers is not necessarily, therefore,
to receive.  they have no _contractual_ obligation to fulfil requests,
only personal, and maybe self-imposed, obligations.

i am not saying that you are, however to imply that a request is linked to
a guaranteed response is taking a risk that could, as it has in the past,
alienate the people who make such demands, very quickly.

the difference between those people and yourself, methinks, is that you're
clearly not making a demand, you're simply pointing out a former request
and that it has not been fulfilled.  please be careful, however.

personally, however, i disagree that there is a clear link between the
lack of fulfilment of the request in this case [publication of PDC
timelines] and your conclusion [what can be expected to see in response].

just thought i'd point those things out :)

all the best,


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