William Jojo jojowil at
Tue Sep 26 01:29:15 GMT 2000

To anybody who wishes to listen...

I would personally like to thank:

Tridge (if I may be so bold;), Jeremy, Jerry (Gerald), Luke, the one's
whose name I cannot remeber right now and everyone else who has
contributed countless hours/months/years to the Samba project and 
those who have contributed detailed bug descriptions and bug fixes..

You have built a wonderfully useful device to bridge gaps that non-unix
people might not understand or find useful (sappy music starts:)

I know that one day you will have achieved your goal of PDC and Win2K

You have made my life in educational computing infinitely easier to
maintain without the use of NT Server. (end sappy music)

Keep up the great work.



We are young
Wandering the face of the earth
Wondering what our dreams might be worth
Learning that we're only immortal for a limited time....

				- N. Peart

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