Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Tue Sep 26 01:00:09 GMT 2000

Karl Denninger wrote:
> No serious open-source project NEEDS to allow *WRITE* access to the
> repository on an arbitrary basis.
> However, READ access to the *REAL* repository should be unrestricted.
> If its not, or if you "vet" the repository before offering it to the public,
> then its not open-source, no matter what you call it.

Samba does not "vet" the repository in any way before
it goes out the door via anonymous CVS.

It is rsync copied from the master to a public staging
area before release, but it is copied in total, not
filtered in any way.

What gave you the idea that the repository was filtered ?

Just to clear that up.


	Jeremy Allison.

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a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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