Future/end of TNG (was Re: I don't understand something ...)

F. Ross Lord frlord at webmethods.com
Mon Sep 25 21:42:56 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter wrote:
> Does anyone ever listen?  We have over and over again
> said that we are working on PDC support.
> jerry

Is there a roadmap/timeframe for PDC/BDC support in the works?  All
interpersonal politics aside, the one thing you seen in every message
from users about this is "I really need this."  What kind of priority is
it for the current samba team?  How can people who need this
functionality, both those who can/will write code for it and those who
can't/won't write code for it, assist the samba team in bringing the
functionality into production?

A lot of the people who have been following PDC/BDC have been in an
uncomfortable limbo since active TNG development stopped.  We don't
really know what is going on, aside from "we're working on it" and
several of the people who put a lot of work into this functionality quit
the project.  Perhaps you can take a page out of Jeremy's book and try
to keep this polite.

 -- frl

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