Help Wanted: Samba Staff

James B Curry jbcurry at
Mon Sep 25 20:46:56 GMT 2000

Those of you expressing diappointment and concern about the future of
Samba should consider applying for the following job -


The world community of computer users is looking for bright, selfless,
determined individuals to maintain and enhance a revolutionary server
product with a world-wide market appealing to individual users, Fortune
500 companies, and everyone in between.

The successful candidate will be committed to the ideals of:
	a)  providing all people free access to the best information
technologies for the betterment of the global community, and
	b)  the elimination of unstable, bloated, feature-poor software (and
the monopolies that create them)

Must be able to work in an unstructured team environment, collaborating
with thousands across the world.  Lack of interest in office politics
(or any other politics, for that matter) a plus.


No pay.
No medical coverage.
No pension.
No holidays.
No vacation time.
Limited gratitude, amidst much criticism.
Occassional free pizza.
Many inspirational comments from Mom along the lines of "You could be
making a six figure income if you'd just quit tinkering with that
Internet thing and really apply yourself."

Nothing much except the satisfaction of having participated in the most
revolutionary movement toward a free and equal society in the history of
humankind: Open Source

Applicants need not apply.
Simply get involved, and the job is yours.
Any takers?

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