Future/end of TNG (was Re: I don't understand something ...)

Sascha Schneider mailinglists at linux-administration.de
Mon Sep 25 21:10:49 GMT 2000

On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 10:33:02PM +0200, Kai Blin wrote:

> > Can you help?
> No, honest, I'd like to see the "original" TNG team to go on with this. I'm
> really sorry they got dismotivated in this matter. But still I think even if
> I'm not even one tenth as good as theese guys, I think doing a little is
> better than just sitting back and complaining about life and everything.
> And since I also don't want to run a Win2k server, and our backup server is
> also a BDC, I need samba TNG!
> So, come on, you guys!! There should be _some_ programmers out there!! Let's
> rescue TNG.

I would like to help. I'm an student at computer science, but not a
very experienced programmer. I did some coding in C, pascal, perl, beta,
bash *g*, tcl, php and such but never really got deep with it, because
I never had anything I'd like to code.
If Samba TNG is about to be given up, this is the point where this
definitively is gonna change.
I would'nt ever like seeing samba beeing stopped.

If you want to do some work on samba, I'm with you.
> > > > So, no one is working any more on TNG.
> We could change this. After all that's the concept behind open source!!

Right, and quite this was my first thought wen I read that samba is
> Don't let me down, folks!

> Kai

No I won't. Lets get on with this, will ya?


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