Mike Westkamper mjwestkamper at
Mon Sep 25 18:15:02 GMT 2000

To the SAMBA Team

You have done a remarkable job. With limited support you have done what
very large organizations have only attempted. Like so few others the
rewards you receive are in the use of the product and the faire praise
of just a few.

SAMBA works and we have it on a number of networks. It would appear that
a lot of folks are using SAMBA and have networks working quite well.
There are a number of things it must do to provide full networkability.
One is NT domain controlling.

It would appear that, in some respects, there is a loss of direction. I
certainly hope it is professional disagreements rather than issues of
personality that are causing the visible problems in this effort. I will
assume that the underlying issues are that there is a lot of ways SAMBA
can go and limited resources to get there. If that assumption is valid,
are you interested in a discussion with the "user" community? That
discussion may well include setting priorities as well as meaningful
support from the user community.

You have a real opportunity to make a difference. A product that will
not just replace the current commercial products, but improve on them. A
product that help prevent the subjugation of all networking to just one

I for one hope SAMBA will continue to grow and provide all the services
necessary to successfully implement a network albeit small or large.

Mike Westkamper

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