Odp: Stupid Question

Rafał Szcześniak rszczesniak at mis.com.pl
Mon Sep 25 17:38:44 GMT 2000

You just place your particular group (eg. admin) on the list
'domain admin groups' and then members of admin groups
are automatically members of NT "Domain Administrators"
group. Same result for rest of params according to their


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I am using samba 2.07. In SWAT there are five parameters: domain groups, 
domain admin groups, domain guest group, domain admin users, and domain 
guest users. There is no information in SWAT to tell me what these 
parameters do, or how to use them.
Maybe I am going to answer my own question here. Do I create those 
particular groups In WinNT and then map them through the /etc/smb.conf. Is 
any one else using these parameters, and if so how do you make them work.
I have searched for answers through all the documentation, but all of the 
docs. tell me to come here.

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