Samba problems

Craig Collingwood ccollingwood at
Mon Sep 25 12:53:17 GMT 2000

Am running the SUN Samba version 2.0 on a Ultra 4500 file server.  Am
using NT DNS server and a NT PDC for the password server.  After about a
week or 15 smbd's samba starts refusing connections.  It gives the error
that the PDC is refusing the password.  If I check the daemons I find
that one is building up massive amount of time and is owned by a single
user instead of root.   If I kill that process people are able to
connect again.  Or if I stop and restart the samba daemons people can
reconnect.   Any ideas on what I could due to eliminate the problem.

E4500 - running Solaris 2.6 5/98 with the recommended patch set from
NT box - running NT4.0 with service pack 6.
Using shadowed password on the sun and running with encrypted passwords
set to no.


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