samba NT password with workgroup only?

Simon Allaway simona at
Sun Sep 24 21:15:06 GMT 2000

Hugo Bouckaert wrote:
> Does this mean it is totally impossible to add a samba server to
> individual NT computers in the workgroup, i.e. do yo have to have an NT
> domain with a primary domain controller or is there a way to add the
> samba server to individual NT boxes, so that from those, you can use
> your NT password to access the samba share?

You can use a samba server with NT workstations in a workgroup but the
question is why would you want to?
As you have only peer-to-peer behavior right now, I'd suggest
implementing a domain using samba. With only a work group you have the
problem of administering user accounts on *each and every* NT box...not

You now have the opportunity to reduce that administration load
Samba 2.0.7 does a great job of acting as a domain controller for NT
machines. I run two servers that give my faculty access to their email,
file sharing (samba and appletalk), ftp, ssh all with one login. That's
as close to zero admin as I can get here. Samba and netatalk both work
quite happily within the NIS scheme I use to keep the unix
authentication centralized.


University of Chicago

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