Unwanted mapped drives under NT 4.0

Martin Radford martin at zamenhof.demon.co.uk
Sat Sep 23 11:18:25 GMT 2000

> A way to avoid is to set a registry key on NT workstation, unfortunately
> I can't rember the key, but anyway we saw this method not always worked.



> Another way is to pass your shortcuts through the "shortcut.exe"
> executable you find on MS site, the problem is that this software
> effectively work only on win9x machines (it runs on NT but do not change
> the shortcut).
> You need to use the option -s (stupid) to avoid shortcut using the UNC
> name and force them using the mapped associated path.

There's a free utility from Coffee Computing called "scut" that I use
a lot to do this, and it deals with Windows NT and Windows 2000
shortcuts correctly.  (It's also supposed to work with Win 95, but
I've never tried it.)


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