Problems with copying an NT server's users and passwd hashes to Samba

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Sep 22 13:51:54 GMT 2000


I am looking for clarification on the problems surrounding copying an NT
server's users to Samba.

While it is easy to dump the user accounts using PWDUMP2, I am lead to
believe, especially if you have workstations that are members of the
domain, there are a couple of additional problems:

  - The domain SID must match or the workstations will not be able to log
    onto the domain.

  - User RIDs may/will be different, so user info, may also be a problem.

While it is possible that one could pre-initialize the Samba SID file, it
seems that the problems with RIDs may be insurmountable.

Can anyone lead me through the problem areas?

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