Remote logon cannot see domain

Frank frankh at
Fri Sep 22 23:34:02 GMT 2000


I am having trouble access my local network when I dial in to my Linux
firewall using a Windows95 client. I get the Windows network logon panel OK,
but after I try to logon I get the 'No domain controller could be found'
message and of course then I am unable to access any of the network. (After
I acknowledge the error I am successfully logged on to the Linux box.)

If I try the same thing on a Windows 2000 client I can logon if I leave the
domain field blank. If I fill it in with the real domain name it rejects it
with a message about invalid or expired password. I do have the user set up
in Samba BTW.

While connected I can ping any machine on the LAN by number. I can also
successfully ping any machine I make an entry in hosts for.

I am running Samba 2.0.7 on SuSE 6.2 Linux 2.2.10. 

Besides the Linux box my network consists of several Win9x and NT 4.0
workstations, an NT 4.0 Server which acts as the PDC and is also the WINS
server. The NT Server is and the Linux is

All is well in the office, i.e. the Windows machines can see the Linux files
and vice versa when connected via Ethernet TCP/IP.

The relevant entries in smb.conf are:

workgroup = <my domain name> 
                   I have a domain name and a workgroup name involved
in the various Windows settings. I am assuming the *domain* name is
what I put here. Correct?

interface =
security = server
encrypt passwords = Yes
password server =
domain logons = Yes
wins server =
local master = Yes
domain master  =  No
preferred master = No

I have also tried to join the domain with smbpasswd -j <domain name> and I

Any suggestions?
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