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Rafał Szcześniak rszczesniak at mis.com.pl
Fri Sep 22 16:33:50 GMT 2000

Marek Stancel <stancel at netlife.de>
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00-09-22 18:13

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Hi all,

we are using samba-tng 2.6 as PDC. 
Since a NT machine crashed on which
I was logged in, I can not log in to
the domain from any NT machine.
The message I become is:
"The system can not log you on (C0000078).
Please try again or consult your system

What is (C0000078) ???

I have deleted my smb account and
make the same one, but it's still 
the same error.

What can I do ?

Did you also delete profile of the user last logged in ?
Especially files ntuser.dat and similiar *.log files
from profiles share may be corrupted.

Sorry for my bad english,

Mine also isn't perfect. The most important is
to understand each other correctly.



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