Unwanted mapped drives under NT 4.0

Wolf Bergenheim wolf.bergenheim at adcore.com
Thu Sep 21 20:10:41 GMT 2000

Same here. When I had NT 4.0 server SP5 I had the same behavior. It was also
irregular. The problem was solved by updating to SP 6a, which works better
than SP5. The mapping went even further than just the free letters. when the
letters ran out, it still continued... :(

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, JONATHAN W MINER wrote:

>Yes.  I have seen this same behavior, but not a regular event. 
>(NT4.0/SP5,  Linux 2.2.16/Samba 2.0.7).  I only have one NT workstation,
>so I can't say if it only the workstation.
>Stephane Ouellette wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>>     I have set up a Samba PDC (version pre3.0.0, RedHat 6.2, Intel CPU) but
>> when a user is logged on the domain from a WinNT4 client, unwanted mapped
>> drives appear after a few hours.
>> Here is the contents of the user's logon script:
>> Here is a description of what happens...
>>    When the user logs on, both drives are successfully mapped.  After a few
>> hours, the first share (\\MYPDC\PUB) is mapped on F: G: H: I: until no
>> drive letters are available.........
>>    I noticed that only on Win NT4, not Win98.
>>    I would like to know if anyone else has seen such a behaviour.
>> Any suggestions would be appreciated...
>> Thanks.
>> Stephane Ouellette
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