Samba and LDAP

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Thu Sep 21 17:36:59 GMT 2000

Yes, there are some.

First of all LDAP is not a flat file - it's hierarchical structure.
It means that you can have one directory tree for whole
organization. This leads to centralized management of
network. Different parts of tree may hold objects/accounts
for different users/groups corresponding to organizational
Besides, LDAP objects are more flexible and easier to
integrate with existing LDAP authentication/naming schemas
like pam_ldap/nss_ldap.
LDAP support in Samba will develop - it might be "natural"
way to full support of win2k ActiveDir capabilities ...
Are these reasons enough ?


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Hello ! 

Who can explain me about LDAP and Samba. Is there any bonuses to use 
LDAP with samba ? 

P.S.: I can't quite get the idea of using LDAP 
My other computer is a 4000 node Beowulf cluster.

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