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Jody Haynes Jody.Haynes at
Thu Sep 21 14:29:36 GMT 2000

When you run smblcient -L hostname -U%

 Workgroup            Master
 ---------            ------- 

 Does the NT Domain match the master browser for your network.  

 It sounds like you have a master browser problem at the moment.

 To prevent a samba server from becoming a master browser on your NT network add this to your
 smb.conf file:

  preferred master = No
  domain master = No
  local master = No 

 I hope this helps...

 -- Jody
Chakravarthy Balagani [chakravarthyb at] wrote:
> My Samba configuration is working right- I tested with testparam.  My Linux system joined my Windows Domain.  But I can't see any thing in the network nighbourhood regarding linux system  .Please help.
> Chakri

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