Rafał Szcześniak rszczesniak at
Thu Sep 21 11:03:42 GMT 2000

Sorry I made 'syntax error' which made mail difficult to understand.
Now, I correct this:

If you don't want to test
if you shouldn't test (because of users working
on this server) new versions, this is good alternative.

After all, can you describe probems ?
So far, I had only compilation problem when I tried to configure using
'--with-ldap' flag.

greetings :)

Anatoly Ivanov <avi at>
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00-09-21 12:01

        Do:     RafaЁ Szcze?niak <rszczesniak at>, samba-ntdom at
        Temat:  Re: TNG-stable

Yes, but I already use TNG-2.6,
and I'd better upgrade than downgrade :)


> Ther's no official stable TNG, but version marked as 2.5
> was known as less problematic ;)
> It was renamed on cvs to TNG_2_5_GOOD or sth like that ...
> RafaЁ

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