Rafał Szcześniak rszczesniak at
Thu Sep 21 09:46:13 GMT 2000

Ther's no official stable TNG, but version marked as 2.5
was known as less problematic ;)
It was renamed on cvs to TNG_2_5_GOOD or sth like that ...


Anatoly Ivanov <avi at>
Wysłane przez: samba-ntdom-admin at
00-09-21 11:42

        Do:     samba-ntdom at
        Temat:  TNG-stable


Is there anybody who knows what's going on with TNG branch?
I have TNG-2.6 up and running, but it sill have some bugs
(VERY weird bugs sometimes). 

I'd like to 'cvs co', but I'm not sure that it's a good idea to 
snapshot the development branch.

So, can you please tell me what branch/tag should I use to get 
latest TNG-STABLE?


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