smbpasswd gives out of memory error

Tavis Barr tavis at
Thu Sep 21 02:17:41 GMT 2000

I'm sending this message to NTDOM (already posted to Samba list) in case 
someone here can help.  Sorry for the duplication.


I'm using the HEAD branch from a year ago (yes I know sorry about the 
weird version but I don't want to upgrade to TNG if it's going to be 
reworked, and a lot of the PDC functionality hasn't been integrated into 
the stable branch yet) on DEC Unix 4.0F.

For one user (not root), smbpasswd works fine.  For anyone else, it 
returns immediately with an "out of memory" message.  ("Immediately" 
means right away even with the debug level set to 100).  Obviously I've 
got a permissions problem on my hands but I'm having trouble tracking 
anything down, it doesn't seem to be anything obvious like who owns the 
binaries.  Perhaps a compile-time problem, I may have compiled Samba as 
this user.  Can anyone tell me what kind of a problem would cause 
smbpasswd to fail out with this kind of a message?



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