Salutation and samba optimization question

Arjona, Ariel aarjona at
Wed Sep 20 20:28:57 GMT 2000

First of all, hello to all in this mailing list. My first time here :)

I guess this is an old topic, but here's it anyway:

Could someone point e to documents explaining how to optimize samba's
performance? I'm looking for long periods of operating time (forever would
be fine, thank you :P), not necessarily speed.

I'm running SuSE6.4 with no other services than samba, proftpd and inetd
(telnet is the only thing I use it for. I plan to use SSH soon).

I will connect to an NT Domain and share some folders with info I receive
via FTP from the Internet. The connecting clients are almost surely only NT4
and W2K boxes. 

My version of samba is 2.0.6-48. BTW, Is there any strong reason for me to
upgrade to the latest version?

Best Regards,
Ariel Arjona

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