probable newbie question - add user script

Mark Roedel roedelm at
Wed Sep 20 20:17:29 GMT 2000

I'm a newish Samba user, and there's a fairly good chance I'm missing
something blindingly obvious, but I'm currently stumped so help is

I've got a new Samba 2.0.7 setup, running on FreeBSD 4-stable and
authenticating against our NT domain.  That much is working beautifully.

Now...the "add user script" global configuration option (assuming I'm
understanding the documentation correctly) looks like a godsend for a
project that's just been handed off to me.  Problem is, I can't seem to get
it to work for me.  I've got my add.samba.user script written (works great
from the commandline), and I've placed a copy of it in my samba bin
directory and set the "add user script" option to point to it.  Security is
set to "domain."  I've restarted smbd and nmbd several times since making
that setting.

But accounts aren't getting created.  In fact, the rejection message is the
same as if they'd entered an incorrect password, but when I manually add the
account in FreeBSD, the user gets right in without even being re-prompted to
login. there some blindingly obvious thing that I'm missing?  I haven't
found anything relevant in my there a debug level (I'm currently
set to "1") that'd let me see whether smbd is even trying to launch the
script and if so what the result was?  Other things I should be looking at?

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