Samba as member to NT PDC

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Wed Sep 20 16:34:27 GMT 2000

If it's about file serving I'd suggest Samba HEAD.
If stability is also very important - Samba 2.0.7, though I didn't
notice any problems with Samba HEAD.

smb.conf setting as suggested.

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You could use samba-tng with the following directives:

security = DOMAIN
password server = <NT PDC Hostname>
encrypt passwords = Yes


Castellanos, Leon [lcastellanos at] wrote:
> I am currently in the process of setting up samba for a EMC clariion
> storage solution connected to a Sun Ultra 60 running Solaris 8.
> I want to use of the NT PDC on our network for authentication and 
> want to know which branch is the best suited for this purpose:
> Samba_2.0
> HEAD-Branch
> HEAD with TNG
> Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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